Designing a Nursery for Twins
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

What's more fun than having a baby?
How about having TWO babies!

By Kim Proulx

Twins are very special, and will very likely have a unique bond unlike other siblings. But since you're having two, you need to be prepared. I mean that quite literally: Twins often come early, and your planning for nursery furniture, design and accessories should start right away.

What color for the nursery?

The first thing to decide is your basic philosophy about twins. Do you want to create one wide open nursery using one wall color, or divide the nursery by using two different colors, creating more individual spaces for each child? Either way is fine, purely a matter of preference. Once that is decided, you need to get to work. Measure the room and draw a plan of the space to scale. Figure your budget. Then get going.

One or two cribs?

For the first six months, twins can share a crib, or you can get a round twin crib in which they sleep on separate mattresses but close together. The Emily Mini Crib is a good option, too. You'll need to buy two, but then they transform into toddler beds when the time is right. You'll also need to choose your crib color - do you want them the same color, or do you want each baby to have their own color? Some of today's favorite colors are Cherry, Espresso, Ebony, White and Natural. Choose one, or mix and match.

Whether you have one crib or two, make sure you get plenty of crib bedding: Twins don't usually make messes in duet! Baby bedding can also give you another way to design individual spaces for each baby. And with all the theme and color options available now in baby bedding, it's easy (and fun!) to find great crib bedding and matching accessories for the whole nursery.

Double the diapers?

The next item of importance is a changing table or changing station with a pad. If you get a changing table make sure you get one with lots of storage! If you already have a low dresser, then opt for the changing station and pad that sits on top. There are also really nice dresser/changing station sets. When your twins are done with diapers, simply remove the station and keep the dresser. Either way, make sure you have plenty of room for diapers, wipes and burp cloths - you'll need a lot! And remember storage for all the baby clothes: onesies, feetie pajamas, cotton socks, hats, booties and outfits for special occasion. Pull out the drawing you made of the twins' space and make sure it all fits into your nursery design.

Where to store everything?

Now on the agenda is choice of accessories. What do you want and how will you store them? Play mats, bouncers, toys, books, mobiles and baby shower gifts will all need a place to perch! Do you prefer enclosed storage, such as shelves in the closet, or open storage like baskets and bookcases? Once again, draw it on the plan before you purchase it.

How about clothing and bedding? If you went with the dresser/changing station combo, you may be good to go. If not, a chest or dresser is a must-have. You won't quite have double the amount of items as you would with a single baby, but it will be close. We'd suggest one large dresser for both babies, or if you have the space, two smaller chests for each one.

How about lighting and comfort?

Let's talk about lighting. It's probably a good idea to put an overhead light on a dimmer switch. And you might need a lamp and a night light as well. You'll want bright lights for play and the others for bedtime and those night-time feedings.

Speaking of night feedings, isn't it time to think about Mom & Dad now? A rocking chair or glider is a wonderful addition to a nursery, whether for soothing a fussy baby or just catching a little snooze while the little ones nap. Dutailier gliders are wide with broader armrests - wonderful for parents who need to hold two babies at once. Add an ottoman for extra comfort. Believe me, you deserve it. If a rocker doesn't fit in the space, get a boppy or lap pillow so the twins can tandem feed wherever you are.

It may all seem a little overwhelming, but with some planning you can have a wonderful twin nursery within your budget. And here's the last bit of advice: Put away all the clothes you have requiring dry cleaning. It's a known fact babies always spit up on the silk. And keep a few scarves handy to place strategically on your shoulder after someone's burped all over you. Enjoy your twins: They're a wonderful gift!

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