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Find the perfect kids toys to stimulate mind and body...

Our carefully selected kids toys for babies, toddlers and older children are some of the most enduring and durable play items you can give your child. We have kids toys for both boys and girls ranging from doll houses, dolls and doll furniture to push and pull toys, ride on toys, outdoor play mats to pretend toys like puppets, plus games, puzzles, art supplies and more. We offer wooden toys that will make playtime extra fun for any child.

Finding the Best Toys for Your Little One without Spending a Fortune

It seems like some new gadget comes out every year that is supposed to help your child learn better and faster, all while having a great time doing it. With the toy aisles growing more cluttered every year, it can be hard to know which ones are all hype, and which ones have some merit to them. The answer is surprisingly simple, and probably not something you would expect.

Less is More

Toy manufacturers really want you to believe that your child needs lights, sounds, colors, and flashing LED displays that show and tell all the numbers and letters. There are tablet computers designed specifically for toddlers now, and they all feature numerous app and game downloads that are supposed to enhance learning and keep kids busy. The truth is, however, that these toys do little more than overstimulate young children. While pushing a button and seeing the results can help teach cause and effect, they are no more effective than a child pushing over a pile or blocks and then rebuilding it, only to do it again.

Studies have continued to show that simple, more basic toys that have lasted through the generations are often the most effective at encouraging learning and imaginative play. With electronic toys, the child is told what to do and what has to happen when the action is done. With toys that encourage pretend play, such as blocks, toy cars, dolls, or play food, children can choose for themselves what is going to happen, and then they can make something else happen next time.

Pretend toys also help young children process events in their lives and work out ways in which to handle those events. For instance, when a child gets a new sibling, he may feel powerless in the situation. But in playing with his own dolls or puppets, he can act out how he feels in order to process the information more effectively. This type of play isn't encouraged with the electronic variety.

Additionally, it has been shown that children do better with fewer options. Having dozens of toys from which to choose gives too many options, and children may pick a toy, get bored, and quickly move on. With a few carefully selected items that can be used for multiple games, they are encouraged to use their imaginations to come up with their own games and activities. In other words, kids will be LESS bored with fewer toys instead of the other way around. Rotating toys is a great way to give your child just enough options to keep them happy and their minds stimulated.

And added bonus? Wooden, pretend play toys generally grow with your child, so they will love the same blocks at 5 as they did at 2.

Choosing the Best Toys

One way to choose a quality toy is to ask yourself whether the toy was around 50 years ago. If it was, there is a good chance it's a good toy. A few popular choices include:

Wooden blocks: Kids can spend endless hours building and re-building forts, doll houses, and countless other structures.

Dolls: : Playing house is always popular. Kids love pretending to be mommy or daddy, and acting out rolls within a family helps them process emotions and determine family structures and familial roles.

Play food: : This can be used while playing house or encourage kids to play chef, restaurant, or endless other games.

Costumes: : Playing dress up is another kid favorite. Acting out various rolls helps in the same way as pretending to be various members of a family. Playing the role of doctor may help them avoid fear of the real doctor, for instance.

Shop Wooden Toys

Find these and other educational toys for kids here at Simple Baby Furniture, and get wonderful learning toys that will grow right along with your child.