Crib Bedding: Wide Selection of Baby Bedding Sets and Accessories
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Nursery Crib Bedding: Wide Selection of Baby Crib Bedding and Accessories

Baby crib bedding adds the perfect finishing touch to your baby's nursery.

Choose from our beautiful baby bedding sets or select individual bedding items to fit any decor. We carry top baby bedding brands that offer a variety of themes, patterns & colors, plus matching crib and twin bedding accessories to help make your nursery design complete!

Finding Bedding for Cribs and Beyond

You want your child to be comfortable when you bring him home, but you also want the nursery to look cute and stylish. The number of options when it comes to crib bedding for boys and girls is staggering, so there is something for any taste, theme, or decor you want to go with. There are also various sizes and shapes for blankets and sheets � from separate items for your bassinet, pack n play, full sized crib, mini crib, and more.

While much of choosing the right baby crib bedding is subjective and based on your own personal preferences, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping.


Do you want crib bedding for girls, boys, or something more neutral? There are plenty of options no matter which way you want to go, but this is one thing to keep in mind while you shop. Additionally, if you have a particular theme in mind that is more fitting for girls or boys in particular, then you may find matching sheets, crib skirts, and even bumpers. Or, go with solid colors or similar patterns, like chevron, to mix and match to keep the nursery looking fresh and fun.


It may be tempting to go with something cute and themed for your boy or girl crib bedding sets, but if you want to continue using the same bedding for years to come, you might want to choose something simpler and more timeless. Your son may not like trains or elephants forever, but a classic blue bedding set will continue to work with multiple bedroom themes. Although crib bedding is designed to fit a standard sized crib, you can use the same bedding sets when you upgrade to a toddler bed, which has the same mattress size.


Most baby bedding comes in the same standard full crib size, but you might wish to get separate bedding sets for multiple sleeping spaces. For instance, there are blankets and sheets designed to fit bassinets and cradles. Or, you might want to purchase travel bedding for when you�re on the go and baby will need to sleep in a play yard or another location not typically required while you�re at home. Mini-crib bedding is in high demand for space-saving mini-cribs too. Even if you don�t get a full bedding set for every specific location where baby may sleep, you might want to get blankets that match your main bedding. Each separate sleep space will likely require a different size.


Some materials are more comfortable than others, especially for babies who have sensitive skin. If your little one has allergies. Choosing materials made from organic cotton and other natural materials may be gentler on the skin than some synthetic materials.

Shop Affordable Crib Bedding sets for Boys & Girls

Find the perfect crib bedding for boys, baby blankets for girls, and a whole array of gender neutral items right here at Simply Baby Furniture. Whatever your theme (airplanes, modern polka dots, chevron, fire trucks, fairies!) you�ll find just the right bedding to coordinate with just what you had in mind. There�s plenty of baby bedding in solid colors as well for easy mixing and matching, or if you just want to keep things simple.