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Baby Cribs

Baby Cribs: Find the Perfect Baby Crib - Traditional, Modern, Eco-Friendly, Designer, Portable, & More

your dream nursery begins with the crib

We have styles ranging from traditional and modern to eco-friendly and portable. With manufacturers committed to safety, quality, and value, we're sure you'll find a crib that you and your baby will love. Find your perfect crib by choosing a type above, or a style below. Or put all of your wishes into our crib finder to get a list that matches your criteria. With our beautiful selection of baby cribs, you're sure to find one that meets your needs and matches your existing decor, while promising unparalleled safety.

We carry dazzling high-end designer baby cribs, canopy baby cribs, beautifully constructed wrought iron baby cribs, mini convertible cribs, circular baby cribs, and more! Whether you're searching for simplicity with a wooden or metal baby crib, or searching for a deal with a cheap convertible crib, here at Simply Baby Furniture, we've got you covered with every style that exists.

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Look no further than Simply Baby Furniture for the perfect baby crib for your nursery at guaranteed lowest prices! With manufacturers committed to safety, quality and value like StorkCraft, Oeuf, Da Vinci, Young America, Graco, AFG, Sorelle, and ChildCraft, we are so sure you will find a crib you and your baby will love, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We offer several ways to find your perfect crib. Shop cribs by style: choose a traditional crib, modern crib, eco-friendly crib, boutique / designer crib, a crib / changer combo or a mini / portable crib. Or shop our cribs by type: choose from convertible cribs, sleigh cribs, round cribs and more in a variety of finishes like elegant espresso and white, ornate wrought iron, hearty oak, rich mahogany and cherry, and contemporary ebony. You're sure to find the crib that meets your needs and matches your decor. In addition, all of our baby furniture has FREE shipping! It's Simply Baby Furniture's way of saying "congratulations."

Choosing a Baby Crib for Any Style and Budget

The first, and probably most important thing, you will need to find for your upcoming arrival is where baby will sleep. Not only will it likely be your biggest investment, but it will also be where your baby spends a substantial amount of his time when he isn't in your arms.

While the aesthetics of the crib are a matter of personal taste, there are several things to keep in mind when making a purchase.

Crib Safety First

The safety of your crib is the most important aspect. While you may be tempted to save a little money by purchasing a secondhand crib, you should be careful before going forward. Vintage or antique cribs may have bars that are too far apart, which could lead to little heads and other body parts getting caught between them. Additionally, cribs made as recently as five or ten years ago may have a drop side. Many of these cribs have been shown to be a hazard, because occasionally the sides will drop without being activated, and baby can get caught or fall out of the crib. Falls even from this height can be dangerous for a newborn.

If you do purchase a drop-side crib, or inherent one from a friend or family member, ask the manufacturer about a conversion kit to change the crib into a stationary side.

Nursery Size and Location

Once you've ensured the crib you want is within modern safety requirements, you'll need to make sure it will work for your needs. If baby will be in the same room as you for awhile, you might opt against a full sized crib in favor of a smaller mini crib, or you may get a separate sleeping location, like a co-sleeper or bassinet, to use before moving little one into the actual crib. Sleeping options for a newborn baby include:

Bedside Sleepers These are small sleep spaces that connect to your bed directly. This allows baby to sleep in the same bed as you within arm's reach, but without the risk of rolling over on top of him in the night and other safety risk factors when bed sharing.

Bassinets Bassinets, or cradles, are commonly used because they are small enough to fit most anywhere, but still allow baby to have his own sleep space. They can also be moved to another room more easily to allow baby to sleep in the room with you as you move around.

Mini/Portable Cribs, many of which have wheels at the bottom to make them portable, are one option that works well for families with smaller homes or nurseries. They are also suitable when baby will be sharing a room with you, or a sibling, for extended periods of time, since they don't take up much more space than a play yard or larger bassinet, but they are sturdier for older babies. They also usually have adjustable mattress heights to accommodate babies who have learned to sit up or stand.

Crib Style Considerations

Your personal style is also important when choosing a baby crib. There are a wide range of colors available, including most wood grains, white, gray, and many modern designs as well. Some can even be made to look like an antique, but it will feature modern functions to keep baby safer and more secure.

There are also various shapes and style from which to choose. Round cribs offer a modern appeal, while convertible cribs and sleigh cribs offer a more compact design as well as an elegant appearance.

Cribs that Grow with your Child

Longevity isn't something many people think of when they consider a crib, but today's crib can be purchased with the future in mind. A 2 in 1 crib will usually convert into a toddler bed once baby is ready. Additionally, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 cribs can generally convert into day beds, full sized beds, or twin beds as well as a toddler bed.

Ready to find the right crib for you? Shop the Safest Cribs: Traditional, Elegant, Modern, Eco, Designer, Portable, & More here on our site. Whether you want an elegant crib and coordinating elegant baby furniture, the safest crib, or something that combines a little bit of everything we have just what you're looking for.