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Glider Chairs and Glider and Ottoman Sets

Nursery Gliders and Ottoman Sets: Choose from a Wide Selection of Comfortable Baby Gliders, Nursery Rockers and Hoop Gliders

The Nursery Glider Chair or Glider Rocking Chair is the one piece of baby furniture that every baby's room needs. Baby gliders come in many shapes and styles from the best priced wood gliders to the more expensive upholstered glider chairs. Our best-selling glider brands are Storkcraft, Dutailier, and Shermag. These brands all have comfortable cushions and a wood base that can match any baby furniture. Choose a glider and ottoman set to make late night feeding easy and comfortable for you and your baby.

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Finding the Right Glider for Your Nursery

The quintessential nursery you've envisioned during your entire pregnancy has probably included several things. A cozy crib or cradle nestled neatly in one corner. A matching dresser where all those adorable little onesies and footie pajamas will go. And then there is the rocking chair, where you'll spend countless hours cuddling, nursing, and reading to your baby.

Rocking chairs have become a nursery staple for good reason. They're more than a little convenient when feeding baby during the wee hours, and the back and forth motion is soothing to baby, making it easier to get little ones back to sleep once he's been fed and changed.

Today's rockers and gliders are safer, cozier, and more fashionable than ever. Gone are the days when parents were limited to your basic wooden rocking chair. Now you'll find soft padding, wide arm rests, and even some modern chairs that don't look like they move at all. Most gliders of today do not rock back and forth like the chairs your mother and grandmother used to use. They glide on a track, so there are no exposed moving parts to pinch little fingers, and the motion is fluid and seamless, making it more soothing for babies.

Many gliders also feature matching ottomans, so you can prop your feet up while you're gliding. Some also lock in place, so the movement stop when you want it to. This can make standing to transport to a sleeping little one to his crib a smoother transition.

Choosing a Glider for You

While many gliders have the same basic features, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase.

How does it feel? You'll need to make sure the glider you choose is comfortable your size, height, and the way you prefer to sit. You'll also want to ensure that the rocking or gliding action is something that you'll enjoy. The padding should also be plush enough to support your back during long sessions of sitting with baby.

Does it coordinate? Many gliders of today are designed stylish enough to work well in most any room. You'll want to find something that looks nice in the nursery, but that also will last through the years even after you no longer have a baby to rock. Some do not even look like gliders, but rather armchairs that you'd find in any living space or study.

Are the arm rests supportive? Wide, cushioned arm rests are a necessity when choosing the right glider. They will be supporting your arms while you spend hours rocking baby, and rests that are not at the proper height or that aren't wide enough to cradle your arms, will cause pain or numbness after a while.

Is it safe? Make sure the chair you choose has no exposed moving parts which could mash or crush little fingers.

Is it sturdy? Chairs made from hardwoods like oak are more likely to last through the years than those made from lesser materials. High density foam is also more suited for multiple years of use and function than those made from cheaper fillings.

Shop Swivel Glider Chairs & Glider Ottoman Sets

We have a vast assortment of gliders with ottomans and other sets that will accommodate most any nursery from modern designs to cozier more traditional themes. There's also swivel glider that not only moves back and forth with ease, but that also spins from side to side with a cool 360 degree swivel action. From basic pieces for those on a budget, to highly elaborate chairs that will go from the nursery to the study and back again for the grandkids, we have the glider you're looking for right here.