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Design a nursery around a DaVinci crib and you are almost guaranteed that will be safe, comfortable and stylish. And afterall the nursery will be an oasis for you and your baby. From peaceful sleep, to diaper changes, nighttime feedings and bonding time with your baby. With DaVinci Baby's wide selection of quality baby furniture you get everything you need to create a cozy and stylish nursery that is affordable. With safety in mind and a recent GreenGuard certification, DaVinci cribs, dressers, and changing tables are one of the best choices around and get five star reviews from parents. Our customer's favorite collections are the DaVinci Meadow, Jayden, Kalani and Autumn. At Simply Baby Furniture we have even created pre-made nursery sets to let you visualize the perfect nursery furniture.

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Autumn Crib Collection
Autumn Crib Collection by DaVinci
Brook Crib Collection
Brook Crib Collection by DaVinci
Clover Crib Collection
Clover Crib Collection by DaVinci
Emily Crib Collection
Emily Crib Collection by DaVinci
Flora Convertible Crib Collection
Flora Convertible Crib Collection by DaVinci
Glenn Crib Collection
Glenn Crib Collection by DaVinci
Grove Crib Collection
Grove Crib Collection by DaVinci
Highland Crib Collection
Highland Crib Collection by DaVinci
Jamie Crib Collection
Jamie Crib Collection by DaVinci
Jayden Crib Collection
Jayden Crib Collection by DaVinci
Jenny Lind Crib Collection
Jenny Lind Crib Collection by DaVinci
Kalani Crib Collection
Kalani Crib Collection by DaVinci
Laurel Crib Collection
Laurel Crib Collection by DaVinci
Meadow Crib Collection
Meadow Crib Collection by DaVinci
Parker Crib Collection
Parker Crib Collection by DaVinci
Perse Convertible Crib Collection
Perse Convertible Crib Collection by DaVinci
Piedmont Crib Collection
Piedmont Crib Collection by DaVinci
Porter Crib Collection
Porter Crib Collection by DaVinci
Reagan Crib Collection
Reagan Crib Collection by DaVinci
Richmond Crib Collection
Richmond Crib Collection by DaVinci
Tyler Crib Collection
Tyler Crib Collection by DaVinci
Alpha Mini Crib Collection
Alpha Mini Crib Collection by DaVinci
Annabelle Mini Crib Collection
Annabelle Mini Crib Collection by DaVinci

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All About DaVinci, a True Leader in Baby Cribs and Nursery Furniture

DaVinci Baby has been one of the most trusted brands in nursery furniture for over 25 years. We appreciate DaVinci because it provides safe, sturdy, well-designed nursery furniture at great value. Their mission is to enable parents to provide the best for their children without ever compromising on quality, safety, or design. The products are well-rated, frequently recommended by Moms and DaVinci often wins industry awards. Most of the cribs are also convertible, enabling your infant to use the crib from infancy through the college years, if you so desire.

DaVinci was founded with the Jenny Lind crib in 1990. The crib's spindle design is available in numerous colors, allowing the crib to bring a fresh design perspective to nurseries of all styles, from traditional to vintage chic to bold. The crib is dearly loved by celebrities, often featured in magazines and has won many awards including Baby Center's Mom Picks, She Knows Parent Awards, and National Parent Awards. To us the Jenny Lind crib represents DaVinci's tradition of unmatched safety standards, great design and trusted quality at amazing value.

As a brand, DaVinci strives to lead the industry in safety standards. Each crib is thoroughly tested according to rigorous safety standards that exceed industry standards. And every full-sized crib is GreenGuard certified, meaning that the crib is safe for your family. Through thorough testing and stricter certification criteria, GreenGuard Gold considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals such as children and elderly.

From a design standpoint, DaVinci's award-winning collections offer a multitude of options: the collections include features like upholstered cribs, recessed panels, and both clean lines and traditional silhouettes. The line also offers a range of beautiful wood finishes from slate grey to oak and espresso.

Overall, the brand delivers fantastic quality at a practical price point, and we see that reflected in their reviews, awards, and most importantly in the recommendations of DaVinci Moms.