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Put the final touches to the nursery with our collection of accessories, whether it is a simple rocking horse, a lamp or one of our crib mattresses, we have everything you will need. Shop our Nursery Decor to find the finishing touches to your dream nursery.

Finding Nursery Decor that Speaks to You

The aesthetic appeal of your child's nursery is about more than just making things pretty. Your child will be spending a lot of time in their bedroom, so it should be a space where they feel relaxed and at ease. However, that doesn't have to mean conventional pastel colors. The nursery is also where baby will be spending a lot of time playing and learning, so there should be equal amounts of stimulating d�cor and activities. Not only that, but keep in mind that the nursery is still a part of your home. While it should be something baby will enjoy, even as he gets a little older and into the toddler and preschool years, it should still be something that you enjoy and still love for years.

Choosing Nursery Colors

Many people assume that baby's room should be pastel colors, usually pink or blue. There is nothing wrong with that approach If you happen to like pink or blue, but you shouldn't feel limited to the traditional ideas. It has actually been shown that babies prefer more contrast, such as black and white. They also see brighter colors more easily than pastel ones, which will create a more stimulating environment when baby is awake. This is due to baby's eyesight not being fully developed at birth. The darker and lighter shades are easier for him to make out. You should also keep in mind that when baby is going to bed, the lights will be off or dimmed, so the overall color scheme may not matter as much in terms of relaxation.

There are no tried and true rules when it comes to choosing the right colors but color can affect your baby's mood. Find something you like, and that flows well with the color scheme of your home. Even if you have a particular theme in mind, that may lead you to choose one color or another for the primary wall color. For instance, if you're doing a jungle theme, you might want green or brown walls. This doesn't have to be the rule, however. A jungle theme with beige, brighter oranges and reds, or even conventional pink or pale blue can also work well.

Nursery Accent Pieces

Perhaps the most important accent piece when it comes to nursery decor is the bedding. Most nurseries are themed around the bedding chosen, so this is one item you'll want to spend more time on. Solid colors allow for more variation in the rest of the room decor, since you can easily mix and match with various wall hangings, window treatments, and other items that will tie the room together. But there are also numerous themed bedding sets that will provide your concept even if you go with simpler d�cor pieces throughout the rest of the room.

There are numerous accents you may choose to tie the room together in complementing colors and patterns.

Pillows: While newborns shouldn't sleep with a pillow in the same bed, throw pillows may be placed on gliders or in the crib while baby is elsewhere. Have a little fun with these with bright colors and contrasting patterns.

Wall hangings: This may mean plaques, canvas prints, decals or family photos. You may go with more modern prints and abstract pieces, characters from favorite children's books, or quotes you find meaningful. Either way, wall art is one of the easiest ways to create a unique theme and also the best way to change the d�cor as your baby grows.

Rugs: Nothing adds softness to the room like a plush rug. This is especially true for rooms with wood or hard flooring. This is another area where you can have some fun and take risks with color and pattern or even texture.

Lighting: Children's lighting can be fun and bold, or in a basic solid shade. Ceiling lighting, table lamps, and nightlights are all commonly used to add color or texture while adding the lighting you need. There are everything from colorful sconces to chandeliers to themed lamps. Use task lighting at the changing table and glider to give a soft glow for nighttime.

Shop Nursery Decor

Take a look at all the decor catories to create a fun nursery theme and tie it all together. See something you like? Simply Baby Furniture has a vast array of boy and girl nursery decor to make your baby's nursery unique and awesome.