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Nursery Furniture

Finding the right nursery furniture is the first step when preparing your home for your new baby...

Nursery Furniture: Largest Selection of Baby Furniture for All Budgets

Here at Simply Baby Furniture, we carry the largest selection of affordable nursery furniture for every style and budget.
Search our top brands below for baby cribs, cradles, changing tables, armoires, hutches, and more in many styles and finishes to satisfy everyone's personal design tastes and nursery needs. If you're looking for a dresser or crib for your nursery, any of our white nursery dressers are always in high demand, as well as our white round cribs!
You can choose from our selection of single nursery furnishings or check out our nursery furniture sets to find the perfect match for your precious baby.

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What Nursery Furniture You Really Need

When it comes time to get baby's room ready to go for your new arrival, it can feel a little daunting. There are so many options, and so many types of nursery furniture from which to choose, but not everyone has a spacious nursery with room for everything they could possibly want. You have to narrow things down to find the items you'll really use on a day to day basis, but also ensure they're items you'll love spending a lot of time around, since you'll be spending such a large portion of your day playing with and caring for baby in his new room.

So how do you determine what nursery items are the most important? It all boils down to two things:

Storage and convenience.

Aside from the baby crib, the biggest necessity you'll encounter is finding somewhere to keep baby's possession. Clothes, toys, burp rags, diapers, wipes, creams, monitors, humidifiers the list literally goes on and on. All of that stuff is going to have to have find a place to call home, so that's the first thing you should focus on when it comes to nursery furniture.


The most obvious choice when it comes to baby room furniture with storage in mind is a good dresser. This is a must-have in your nursery, and there are sizes and shapes to fit just about any space requirement and budget. Six drawer dressers have a large amount of storage in a limited amount of space. There are also those which combine the interior storage with a changing table top for double duty- so you'll get a changer and clothing storage lumped into one convenient area, without having to take up floor space by purchasing both pieces separately. Other dressers have towers with internal cabinets where folded blankets, diapers, and other non-clothing items can be stored more easily. Some dressers have matching chest of drawers as well, so you can create a whole ensemble if you have the floor space for both items.


Once you've got the storage situation taken care of with one of our designer dressers or chests, you can focus on convenience. While not totally necessity, there are of nursery furnishings that are simply awesome to have around during those early and often frazzled days with a newborn. A few items on our personal must-have lists include:

Changing tables

While you can find dressers with changing table tops, we recommend having one in some form or another. Standalone changers offer additional storage, combined with a cozy top where you can easily change or dress baby without breaking your back. Pair open-shelved options with cute baskets in colors to coordinate with your nursery decor.


When you're up at all hours changing diapers and feeding a hungry baby, having a soft and comfortable glider on hand is invaluable. We love gliders with matching ottomans because there's really nothing better than putting your feet up and getting cozy with baby. The smooth rocking motion they offer will also help soothe a fussy baby and get him back to dreamland as soon as possible.


All those nine months you dreamed about life with baby, you probably envisioned cozying up with your new little one to read your favorite bedtime stories from when you were a kid. You'll need somewhere to keep all those books. They also offer additional storage space for things like your baby monitor, small toys, and pictures you want to keep close at hand.

Shop the Best Nursery Furniture Brands Right Here
We know that every mom and baby is unique, so we strive to offer a wide array of nursery furnishings to meet your needs. Whether you have a small and cozy nursery and need items that do double duty to keep things compact and functional, or you have a little more room to play around with designer baby furniture sets, you'll find something here. From traditional to modern to everything in between we hope you'll have a look around at some of our favorites.