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Important nursery safety tips and baby-proofing advice and guidance from our Nursery Specialists.

Baby proofing tips all parents should consider

By Kim Proulx

All parents want to create a safe environment for their baby. If baby proofing is on the top of your to-do list, the following tips will help. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but it can be quite simple if you know what products to get and you plan out your baby proofing objectives room by room. The first thing we recommend is getting down on your infant’s level and looking for hazardous items that might pose a problem. Move those objects to higher ground, out of your baby’s reach, and then start securing cabinets and drawers and other areas that your baby might try to explore. Below you’ll find valuable tips on how to baby proof all areas of your home to create the perfect baby safe zone.

Common Living Space:

It’s important to make sure that every room in your home is safe for your baby. Use a safety gate or doorknob covers to keep your baby out of rooms that are off limits. Remember to remove those little rubber door stop tips because they can be pulled off and pose a choking hazard for your baby.

If you have tables or hearths with sharp edges, use a cushion guard to protect your baby from bumping sharp corners. Play yards are also great to use if you’re busy and need a little freedom to move around the home and want to make sure your baby is secured in a safe environment.

You’ll also want to make sure to baby proof the perimeter of your house. Placing deadbolts up high or using chains on doors will keep your baby from accidentally pushing open doors leading to the fascinating outside.


Baby proofing the nursery is a must. Keeping the crib far away from lamps, window blind cords and wall art is essential. Make sure to use light bedding in the crib and never put stuffed toys, loose bedding or pillows where your baby sleeps because these items can create a suffocation risk.

Since babies tend to explore their environment, you should always secure heavy furniture to the wall or use safety straps to keep furniture in place. This will keep your baby from accidentally pulling furniture on top of himself.

Make sure to store all baby supplies such as lotions or ointments out of your baby’s reach. It’s also important to secure all dresser drawers with latches or locks to ensure that your baby doesn’t get to any hazardous items.

Cords and Outlets:

Keep your curious baby out of harm's way by inserting plastic plugs into all unused outlets. Babies tend to be intrigued by cords and electrical outlets. Keeping these items covered and out of reach is essential.

You might want to consider covering the entire outlet with a switch plate and concealing your plugs and electrical cords with handy cord and plug covers.

Windows and Window Coverings:

As babies get more mobile they tend to be fascinated with windows and the outdoors. They become quite good at opening and closing windows so it’s important to use baby proofing items such as a window wedge to stop the window from opening too far. Remember, even the most secure screen won’t always prevent your baby from falling out so baby proofing your windows is a must.

Keep your baby protected from strangulation hazards by hiding loose, dangling window cords.  Keep all blind cords out of reach or use cord wind-ups to keep them hidden.  You might even consider getting cordless window coverings for greater security against potential accidents.


Stairways need to be secured with baby safety gates at the top and bottom to protect your baby from accidental falls. When installing a safety gate at the top of a stairway you should consider using a wall-mount gate because most models offer a feature that prevents the gate from swinging over the staircase. This type of gate is also fastened to the wall making it more secure than a pressure gate so your baby can’t accidentally push the gate over. It’s also important to keep your baby from crawling up the stairs by blocking the bottom with a pressure-mounted or wall-mounted safety gate.

If you have a railing or banister we recommend that you cover the slats with a banister shield or netting to keep your baby from falling through. Slats should be no more than 31/2 “ apart, but even if your slats are up to code it’s still safer to cover them for ultimate baby safety.

Kitchen and Bathroom:

Babies tend to love playing in the kitchen. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to bang on pots and pans. They also enjoy the adventure of opening and shutting cabinet doors and turning knobs on the stove.

It’s important to remove all sharp objects from drawers or cabinets that are in your baby’s reach. Better yet, installing locks and latches on cabinets and drawers will guarantee your baby can’t reach problematic kitchen gadgets.

Keep all cleaning supplies up high away from your baby. Keeping supplies in the garage might be an even better idea.

To keep your little one from opening the refrigerator door and messing up the kitchen, you might want to consider a safety latch for your fridge. Using an oven lock and stove knob covers is also a good idea.  This will keep your baby from accidentally turning on the appliance potentially causing a fire hazard.

As for bathroom items, we recommend that you install a toilet lock to keep your baby from opening the lid and placing unwanted items in the toilet bowl. This will also protect your child from the possibility of drowning.

One last suggestion about the kitchen is to never leave your pet’s food or water at your baby’s level. Babies can choke on pet food and believe it or not, they could drown in a very small amount of water. I’m sure you also don’t want your baby and dog drinking from the same bowl.


It’s important to put a gate at the top of any deck stairway. We suggest using a wall-mounted gate because these are bolted to the deck railing for added security. We also recommend using a plastic shield guard or netting to cover your deck railing slats to keep your baby from falling through.

Remove all chairs and tables that are near the railing or patio screen to keep your baby from falling over the railing or through the screening.

One last thing, remember to keep your grill out of baby’s reach.

Baby proofing your home allows your little one to have freedom to explore while giving you peace of mind knowing your adventurous child is safe.

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