Summer Breeze Beach Nursery Board
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Summer Breeze Beach Nursery Board

by Chantal Maddocks

My dream house has always been on the beach. Not too picky on where it is in the world. Just as long as I?m next to the gorgeous ocean and can hear and see the beautiful, tranquil waves, I?m in absolute paradise. That is my inspiration behind this board, so lets bring those tranquilizing fantasies into the nursery. The calm and relaxing atmosphere would be perfect for a nursery space.

So I have a white nursery furniture theme featuring the Munire Medford Crib in white. It?s elegant, sophisticated and convertible so you can see what it looks like as a toddler bed. You also have the Nurseryworks Empire Rocker in ecru that has a soft, modern look. The soothing blue, aqua and lime green colors are wonderful for a beach theme, complemented with natural peach highlights and lovely bamboo shades. This board makes you feel like you?re already on a much-needed beach vacation.

  1. Seashell Wall Art
  2. Wooden Beach Sign Wall Art
  3. Bamboo Shades
  4. Munire Medford Crib in White
  5. New Arrivals Clubhouse Bedding
  6. Glenna Jean Lime Green Rug
  7. Azur Table Lamp
  8. Clubhouse Pillow
  9. Nurseryworks Empire Rocker in Ecru