How to Apply Creative Nursery Lighting
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How to Apply Creative Nursery Lighting

by Chantal Maddocks
Nursery Creative Lighting

Applying proper nursery lighting techniques is much more than a window and some curtains. Natural and artificial light can be used for different purposes for visually clarity, functional placement, and most of all, the design aspect. Here are some lighting tips to consider when you are planning your baby nursery:

Lighting Types

There are 3 basic types of nursery lighting you should know about:

  1. Ambient Lighting is used to illuminate an area or the entire room. Also known as general lighting, you want a comfortable level of brightness that radiates the room without glare. Examples of ambient lighting are: ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures (wall sconce), recessed or track lighting, chandeliers, etc.
  2. Task Lighting is used to help you perform specific tasks, like reading, cooking, homework, etc. Examples of task lighting are: desk or table lamps, pendant lighting, under-cabinet lighting and floor lamps.
  3. Accent Lighting is a great way to create visual interest. Used to highlight paintings, sculptures, prized possessions, window treatments or a textured wall. Accent Lighting typically requires 3 times more light than general lighting and uses recessed or tracking lighting.

Lighting Tips

  1. Dimmers are great to set different ambiences for the room and work exceptionally well for nurseries. Dim the lights to help put baby to sleep or to safely see in the nursery without waking baby up.
  2. Natural light is the best and least expensive way to illuminate the room, although you don't want light all the time during the day. Newborns sleep about 16 hours a day so be sure to get window treatments that block out light well, such as blackout curtains or something with heavy fabric.
  3. 3-way bulbs are a great way to adjust your task lighting if you don't have a dimmer. Use them for just about any type of task lighting fixture.
  4. Avoid accidents by placing lighting fixtures in the middle of a table or behind something so curious babies don't pull on a cord or lamp.
  5. Cordless lights are always a good choice for a safer area and also look nicer.
  6. Fun lighting is always a great idea. There are lots of lighting products and toys that display stars, shapes, text and also move.

Now that you've had a crash course in baby nursery lighting, hopefully you can take these tips and give your baby nursery another layer of creative lighting. Here is a link with super cute nursery lighting products to get you started. Enjoy!