Traditional Made Modern Nurseries: Bring In The Old With The New!
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Traditional Made Modern Nurseries: Bring In The Old With The New!

by Chantal Maddocks

Style doesn't have to live in a single decade. Everyone has their preferences on what styles fit their tastes, and whether you prefer designs that are traditional, modern or somewhere in between, Traditional Made Modern nurseries seems to be a hit in the interior-decorating world. Skillfully placing older, antique items gives the impression that you have been collecting trinkets over time and adds unique character to your overall design. The strategy behind mixing old and new designs and textures cannot be created in a vacuum or else it will be come a big, chaotic mess. Here are some useful tips to give your nursery an eclectic look you will absolutely love!

Now the first question you might ask is, "What elements should be old and what should be new?" Finding the right balance between old and new takes time, trial and error. The whole point of implementing Traditional Made Modern is to create an eclectic design, mixing textures, styles, periods and colors to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Create For Comfort
When it comes to the nursery, you want the baby room to be beautiful, comfortable and safe. The most comfortable living spaces look like they have been lived in, so introducing cozy items is a big plus for baby and you. Even the most hard-core minimalist will find it hard to relax in a spotless, black and white, artsy room. So in general, take into account that designing the nursery should be a comfy place where you and baby can spend valuable bonding time. Remember, a comfortable baby is a happy baby!

Traditional vs. Modern
It's important to understand what traditional and modern elements bring to the table, figuratively speaking. Traditional or antique elements introduce history, time periods, different textures and character because of the intricate details and craftsmanship. Modern elements introduce a fresh, clean, bold look that has unique design elements. So having a beautiful balance between traditional and new can give your nursery a sophisticated and fresh design that you can completely call your own.

Neutral as Usual
The best canvas to implement Traditional Made Modern designs is on a neutral palette. Play around with shades of white, grey or beige to easily blend your antiques and modern baby furniture in a beautiful collage of old and new. Many designers tend to transition different elements in efforts to add new flavors to the decor, so having a neutral canvas makes it much easier to mix and match items as many times as you like.

Finding Common Grounds
Since there will be lots of mixing and matching, the possibilities are literally endless! A good way to tie your Traditional Made Modern nursery together is to unify themes and motifs so there can be subtle consistencies. For example, I prefer modern baby furniture because it has a clean look that can be easily matched with other designs. Since baby cribs are normally the focal point of the nursery, a contemporary style baby crib like the Hudson by Babyletto would work well with just about any theme. Or if you prefer a traditional style baby crib, the Jenny Lind by DaVinci has a nostalgic spindle design that would give your Traditional Made Modern nursery a cool, vintage look.

Opposites Attract
Like many things in life, opposites really do attract, especially when it comes to interior design. In this case, opposites would refer to pairing a traditional item with a modern item. For example, if you have a modern style nursery glider like the Kyoto Glider by Babyletto, then I would recommend pairing it with a white, vintage end table to compliment the Kyoto Glider. The white color in the glider and end table is the unified theme, but the vast difference in styles give it a stunning, contrast look.

Now that you know the basic in creating a Traditional Made Modern nursery, go out there and start mixing and matching until the cows come home. Your nursery will have a truly eclectic look that will be fashionable, stylish and comfortable.

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