How Baby Bedding Colors Make Your Baby Feel
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How Baby Bedding Colors Affect a Baby's Mood

By Kim Proulx

Believe it or not, colors do affect a person's mood and when that person only weighs 7 pounds he's sure to get easily stimulated by crib bedding colors that will surround him 16 hours a day. Yes, you read that right! Babies can sleep up to 16 hours per day their first several months of life, so you want to make sure that the sleep environment is one that will put him in a good mood, so his other 8 hours of awake time will be pleasant for everyone!

The question is...what type of mood do you want to instill? Well, to help you figure that out I've compiled a list of all the main colors people tend to put in a baby's nursery along with the moods those colors will spark, so you can decide which color baby bedding is best for your little darling's crib.

Trend Lab Dr Seuss Crib Bedding Set

RED: Red is one of those colors that is perfect for the kitchen, living room or foyer, but in a baby's nursery you don't want too much red. Little splashes of it in a baby bedding set are fine, because anything red will capture your little guy or girl's attention when he/she is awake, but don't overdo it or your baby will be too excited to go to sleep. Red is a stimulating color that can make babies excited and active, so use it sparingly, like in the Trend Lab Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Baby Bedding Set. This set is so adorable and great for a baby's nursery because when your little one wakes up in the morning he'll wake up feeling happy to be surrounded by such cute characters and the color red will allow him to wake up in a happy mood, but at night the color red won't be too stimulating because it's sporadic throughout the design.

Trend Lab Monaco Crib Bedding Set

YELLOW: When you choose a yellow crib bedding set make sure that the yellow is an accent color and not overbearing because it's perfect for getting your baby happy in the morning, but if there's too much yellow it could make your little cutie a tiny bit cranky. You definitely don't want that! Here's the perfect example of how yellow will work beautifully in your baby's nursery. The Trend Lab Monaco 4 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set has a soft yellow border, but the rest of the pattern is created with various shades of blue and grey that are calming colors. So when your baby is drifting off to dreamland at night, the soothing colors will help her get to REM sleep, but in the morning the yellow will catch her eye and help her wake up in a cheery mood.

Trend Lab Blueberry Crib Bedding Set

BLUE: Blue is a very soothing color that works great in a baby's nursery. It's good to get a mix of blue shades because then you create the perfect feeling of serenity and calmness without making the space seem to cold or sad. If you decorate with just one, deep shade of blue it can create a sorrowful feeling, so stay clear of doing an all blue room. An ideal choice for a baby's nursery is the Trend Lab Blueberry 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set that will create a very soothing and modern baby space. The blue will keep baby calm at bedtime while the fun polka dots will give him something to look at when he wakes up, keeping him happy till mom or dad gets him out of bed.

Sleeping Partners Toile Sage Crib Bedding Set

GREEN: Green is known for being very easy on the eyes and stress reducing, so it's a wonderful color for a baby's nursery. This is a color that you could go all out with and not have to worry about your baby getting over stimulated or frustrated. It's a shade that creates a very homey, relaxed vibe in a baby's nursery and crib. One way to create a very serene baby bed is by adding the Sleeping Partners Toile Sage 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set to the crib. This set is made up of a very soothing color green that will have any baby feeling cozy and happy in bed.

Kidsline Flutter Bug Crib Bedding Set

PURPLE: This is another wonderful color for a baby's nursery. If you go with a dark purple you'll create a very regal and sophisticated looking baby space that will spark your little one's creativity. If you decide on a lighter shade of purple it will offer a soothing, calming vibe and create a warm and inviting looking baby room. One adorable purple baby bedding choice is the Kidsline Flutter Bug 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set that's adorned with beautiful butterfly appliques and a mix of purple and other soft pastel colors. The purple soothes baby while the butterflies greet her happily every morning. This is a wonderful choice!

Dwell Studio Transportation Crib Bedding Set

ORANGE: Orange is supposed to raise lung function and instill energy, so while it's good for people, it can be quite overwhelming if overused in a baby's nursery. As an accent color, orange can be wonderful. It will keep baby's attention long enough for her to lay in bed quietly and happily before and after a nap and when mixed with shades of green or blue, you'll have a wonderful sleep environment for your little cutie. The perfect example of how splashes of orange can add intrigue, but not be over stimulating in a baby's crib is showcased in the Dwell Studio Transportation 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set. This set combines soothing shades of blue and brown that surround squares of orange, so your baby will get the calming effect at bedtime and the thrill of waking up to seeing the vehicles surrounded in orange in the morning. This is one fun baby bedding set!

Dwell Studio Garden Blossom Crib Bedding Set

PINK: This pretty color is a good choice for a baby's nursery because it has a restful, calming affect on babies. A lighter pink is more soothing than a hot pink, but both can be a good choice in a baby space. Adding pink crib bedding is a great choice because it will get your baby feeling tired, cozy and ready for bed as soon as she lies down. The Dwell Studio Garden Blossom 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set is a wonderful example of crib bedding with pink highlights that would be ideal in a baby's crib. This bedding combines soft pinks and shades of brown, to create the ideal sleep environment for any little baby girl.