Tips on Enhancing a Nursery Ceiling
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

Inspirational Design Ideas For Your Nursery Ceiling

Inspirational Design Ideas For Your Nursery Ceiling

Painting your nursery is a pretty serious commitment, but the outcome can be spectacular! Nursery walls are a blank canvas that can transform the overall nursery theme and mood into anything you like. You can make the nursery appear bigger, taller or accent the ceiling with basic techniques.

Heads Up!

One aspect that tends to be overlooked is designing the nursery ceiling. We tend to view things on a horizontal plane and often forget that the ceiling is another dimension that has many benefits. You can make the ceiling an accent area, make your nursery room appear taller or larger, or create a unique scene that will truly make your nursery one-of-a-kind.

Adults will appreciate the extra effort of designing your nursery ceiling. But perhaps the most important person that will reap the benefits will be your baby! As your child's vision develops, contrasting colors and focusing on objects provide visual stimulation that is wonderful for your baby's cognitive development. Your little one will spend a good amount of time looking up at the ceiling from the baby crib, so painting a contrasting design will help baby's brain development, and will also be very entertaining!

Ceiling Design Ideas

  • Blue Sky: Painting a blue sky is a popular and creative way to give your nursery ceiling a limitless look. It is very calming, therapeutic, and goes extremely well with any outdoor or scenic nursery theme. You'll find yourself in the nursery even more during rainy days!
  • Modern: Choose a solid color or simplistic design to accent your nursery ceiling. Stripes or a basic, symmetrical theme can make your nursery look unique and modern. Paint a starburst effect to accent your ceiling light or fan.
  • Sophisticated: A faux paint treatment can add a sophisticated look. Or if you are an advanced painter, you can make your room appear like it has a vaulted ceiling by painting crown molding around the edges.
  • Scenes: Depending on your nursery theme, you can paint animals, birds, butterflies, fish, toys, maps, anything you like.
  • Decals: For a temporary ceiling design, apply decorative decal stickers and easily remove them when you are ready for a change.

Ceiling Painting Tips

  1. Remove everything: Although it is easier to simply cover your baby furniture, you will need the floor covered and room to move the ladder around. So completely removing all items is the best way to keep paint from falling on nursery furniture going this will also give you ample room to work.
  2. Mask ceiling edges: Use painter tape to mask all edges where ceiling and walls meet for a clean, separated look.
  3. Wear a Hat!: Definitely expect paint to drip down from your roller. Wear a hat or shower cap to avoid getting stubborn paint out of your hair.
  4. Prime Ceiling: Using primer paint is highly recommended to ensure the actual, decorative paint only needs one coat. Depending on ceiling surface, you may need 1-2 coats of primer.
  5. Paint Away: Use latex paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) for a beautiful, safe and environmentally-friendly application.
  6. Wait to dry: Give the nursery plenty of time to dry. Open window and air out paint fumes for 2 weeks. An oscillating fan can help air out the fumes.

Painting your nursery ceiling is a unique and wonderful way to decorate your baby room. Not only will it add a fabulous dimension to your nursery, but it is also fantastic for your baby's cognitive development. And parents, your arms will definitely get a good workout!