Making More Room for 2 Kids
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Making More Room For 2 Kids

By Kim Proulx

Making adjustments for an expanding family is a wonderful blessing. However, having enough space is not a luxury all of us can endure. As children get older, they will need much more living space to function and sleep. Many siblings will need to share a bedroom, which can be hectic, but somehow they will need to find a way to coexist. If your 2nd child is ready to move in with his/her older sibling and you're trying to figure out a way to maximize space, here are some great tips to follow:

Sleeping Arrangements

The bed will usually take up the most amount of space in the bedroom. With the younger child moving in, a second bed won't leave much space at all. You're best bet is getting a bunk bed for the two kiddies. Kids love them and you are making great use of vertical space. Some bunk beds even come with additional storage space for books, toys, etc. The only problem the kids will have is deciding who gets the top bunk?

Another creative way to maximize space in the sleeping area for less money is getting a twin bed with a trundle bed. If you are unfamiliar, a trundle bed is another slightly smaller bed that is typically on rollers and can be placed beneath the upper twin bed. You can easily roll the trundle bed underneath the twin bed during the day to maximize space. Many lower trundle beds come by themselves and are made to fit under most twin beds. When not in use, the mattress can be removed and the trundle can be used as storage space.

Organizing Closet Space

You don't have to spend a thousand dollars on a closet specialist. You can organize your closet space yourself! When it comes to making more space for the bedroom, your closet space will be your best friend. Especially with two children in the same room, space will be stretched extremely thin. Here are some closet organizing tips that will help make more room for both kids.

  1. Minimize Hanging Bar: Most closets come standard with a hanging bar, which doesn't utilize space well. Yes, you can hang your clothes, but what about the space above and below the bar? It would be better to use a small area for a hanging bar and make room for better organizational pieces that can fit much more.
  2. Shelves, Shelves & More Shelves: You will be able to utilize just about every inch of your closet with shelves. High shelves can be used for storage boxes or seasonal clothes and medium-level shelves can be used for clothes that are frequently used. Cubby shelves are very popular and are a great way to store clothes or anything else. You can also place shelves on the bedroom walls that are decorative and a smart use of vertical space.
  3. Four-Drawer Dresser: A dresser is always a good place for storage, especially for smaller items such as underwear, socks, etc. You can see if the dresser will fit in the closet. If the dresser needs to be placed outside the closet, you can easily place items on top, such as a TV or stereo.
  4. Hanging shoe organizer: Instead of lining up shoes on the floor, a hanging shoe organizer is easy to place behind the bedroom or closet door. It will help reduce clutter and can also be used to store other items besides shoes.

Homework Area

Having a kids desk and chair is nice, but will also take up a lot of room. Consider using a folding wall table for your kids' bedroom. Great for small spaces, you can have two folding wall tables that fold down when not in use, and can be raised to a personal desk when needed. It is attached to the wall, so there are no legs that touch the floor. Comfortable folding chairs can also be used to help conserve space.


A tall bookcase is a great way to store non-clothing items, such as books, toys, etc. To avoid a cluttered look, you can buy several storage containers or baskets that will help store more items in your bookcase. You can even remove a shelf and place your TV there and use another shelf for DVDs. Another creative way to store items is to have a couple lockers. Yes lockers. You may be able to find a couple that are being given away, but it is a creative way for your two kids to store items and have their own private storage space, like at school.

There are many efficient ways to create more space for your two children who are sharing a room. With patience and some organizational wit, you can create a wonderful bedroom that can look roomy and spacious for both kids.