Baby Sleeping Safety Checklist
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Furniture Safety Checklist

the baby furniture safety guide by

Moses Baskets and Cradles


Check the basket regularly for signs of wear and tear, particularly the handles.

Make sure that swinging cribs are locked when not in use or when your baby is left unattended.


Don't use Moses baskets, bassinets or cradles for babies old enough to pull themselves up.

Cribs and Mattresses


Buy a crib that conforms to US safety standards.

Check that the drop side is secure and can't be lowered by a child.

Choose a durable, non-toxic finish.

Choose a firm mattress and make sure it stays clean and dry.

Make sure the mattress is the right size - there should not, at any point, be a gap of more than 2 inches between the mattress edge and the crib.


Use a worn, dirty or damp mattress.

Stick decorative transfers and labels on the inside of the crib or anywhere else your baby can reach.

Choose a mattress with handles - they may trap your baby's hands or feet.



Check the room temperature regularly - your baby should not be too hot or too cold (See - The Baby's "Good Night Sleep" Guide).

Use lightweight bedding in layers.


Use a comforter if your baby is under 12 months, as he may get too hot.

Use a pillow if your baby is under 12 months.

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NOTE: This guide is informational only and you should consult your medical professional with any questions.