What to Pack in the Hospital Bag
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What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

By Nicole van der Hulst

Ok, so you're in your 3rd trimester and Delivery Day is just around the corner. Let's check off the most important To-Dos. Nursery is ready and fully stocked, check. You've got your emergency list of contacts to call for the big day, check. Your hospital bag is ready to go, not checked...

With all of the excitement and preparations taking place, it's easy to overlook the ever so important hospital bag. The biggest, common mistake is when new parents wait until the last minute, or when baby is already on the way, to pack. This usually occurs when baby comes early and parents are scrambling through their bathroom and drawers to pack what they can find, while the excitement is so overwhelming, they can barely think straight.

Below is a helpful infographic (for all you visual learners) of necessities and comfort items to pack in your hospital bag. Keep in mind, we're not just packing for mommy and baby, daddy will need some essential items too. For a detailed checklist, The Bump has a great list on what to pack that provides exactly what you need from a realistic perspective.

Now stop procrastinating and get packing!

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

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