Modern Nursery with Japanese-Style Accents - $2.00
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

Modern Nursery with Japanese-Style Accents

by Chantal Maddocks

Modern nurseries share a common bond that seems simple, but much more complex beneath surface. If you like modern designs, you will notice the Minimalist design attribute, that focuses on simple, sleek lines, yet not taking away from the unique architecture and concepts. The Chesapeake Classic Crib in White by Munire is the focal point of this board, with a lovely melange of modern and sophistication. I used dark nursery furniture to highlight the beautiful white color of the crib, surrounded by Japanese accents.

  1. White Lanterns
  2. Naveen Metal Wall Plague
  3. Japanese Kokeshi Dolls
  4. Chesapeake Double Dresser in Merlot
  5. Chesapeake Classic Crib in White
  6. Nurseryworks Empire Rocker in Slate
  7. Etsy Oval Faux Rug

This board's design inspired me to create a chic, modern nursery that resiliently highlights the crib with finesse. This is a good way to see how nursery boards can help inspire ideas and concepts to enhance your ideas and add some extra flavor.