Tips on Creating a Learning Center in a Child's Bedroom
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How To Turn Your Kids Room Into A Learning Center

By Kim Proulx

Story Time is a treasured moment that is shared among children across the world. You don't need to speak a certain language to understand why children gather around the storyteller because they know that they are about to hear something special and entertaining. That is precisely why Story Time is so popular at school and at the library. The experience is all about unity, focus, entertainment, and letting your imagination run wild. Watching television, although very entertaining, doesn't enable a child to utilize the imagination to process the story because books have no boundaries, only opportunities.

Create a Space Just for Learning

You can bring this wonderful Story Time experience home and turn the corner of your child's room into a fantastic learning center. Start as early as the baby years, and transform part of the nursery into an educational harbor. The great thing about having a learning center is because it is a wonderful place to focus and learn about how the world works. Children learn valuable lessons and get the chance to discuss problems, solutions, moral lessons and much more when given educational tools and books.

Add Storage Space for All Those Books!

The first nursery furniture item to get for your learning center is a children's bookcase. Do you remember the library cart that the school's Librarian use to push around to put back returned library books? You can have a School Library Cart by Guidecraft in your very own nursery. It is a fantastic nursery furniture piece that is easily portable, holds many books and toys, and is a stylish decor piece that will remind others of being at the library. Another great nursery furniture piece by Guidecraft is the Corner Book Nook. It is a wonderful display and storage piece for books and toys, and is exceptionally reminiscent of being in the library.

Kids Need Comfort to Stay Focuses when Learning

The next important item to get for your learning center is comfortable seating. Upholstered kids chairs are a great way for your child to snuggle up for some interesting reading. If you have a bit more room to fill, you can opt for a sofa, chair, and ottoman furniture set for friends and family. When your child is old enough, another great, inexpensive and fun seating piece are Bean Bags. Kids love sinking into their very own bean bag and feel like they are floating. It's like getting a big bear hug!

Alternate Seating is a Must

The last nursery furniture item that will bring your learning center together is a comfortable, matching area rug. Lots of kids will want to gather around and sit on the soft rug during Story Time, while it also serves as a subtle boundary that designates the learning zone. There are many fun rugs that have educational images like a map, alphabets, racetracks, favorite characters, and more. All these great nursery furniture items can create a super fun learning center that will have your child and friends coming back for more.