Why All Nurseries Need Rocking Horses
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Why Rocking Horses Belong In The Nursery

By Kim Proulx

Toy rocking horses are a timeless classic that have been treasured in children's rooms throughout history. The history of rocking horses dates back to the middle ages, where wooden horses were originally designed for jousting. However, it wasn't until the18th century where toy rocking horses were first introduced. In Great Britain, toy rocking horses became considerably popular among England's wealthiest and privileged children. At that time, genuine, handcrafted toy rocking horses were tremendously expensive, making it difficult for most children to have one of their own. Today, toy rocking horses are much more affordable, so all children can share this wonderful experience.

Types of Rocking Horses

There are generally two types of toy rocking horses to choose from. The bow rocker is the most popular and traditional. Generally made to rock back and forth, safety measures have been taken to help prevent the toy from tipping over, such as (long runners.) Be sure you find a rocking horse with non-toxic finish and make sure decorative items, such as the mane, are securely attached to avoid choking hazards.

Spring toy horses were later developed as an arguably safer alternative to the bow rocker. Made with springs for a realistic horse riding affect, it is designed to stay in one place preventing it from tipping over. You can still find a variety of the spring toy horses with safety straps and fabric covers to help prevent the springs from pinching the skin.


Since the days of Medieval jousting have long passed, toy rocking horses were designed to prepare children for riding a real horse. The rocking motion helps provide good balance, as well as, coordination at an early age. Children love using their imagination for exciting hunts, chases, riding along the old frontier, and so on. Now, toy manufacturers have made it possible for every child to enjoy this charming classic.

Design Tips Using Rocking Horses

Decorating your nursery with a toy rocking horse is the perfect way to add a classic touch to your nursery. It not only is a fantastic symbol of self-expression, but also represents a long-cherished memory that will always provide a warm, nostalgic presence in your nursery. As your child grows and gets more active a rocking horse will also provide hours of entertainment to your little rider.