The Art of Nursery Furniture Placement
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

The Art of Nursery Furniture Placement and Positioning

By Chantal Maddocks

Being a new parent is truly incredible, but can also be exhausting. Babies are so delicate and need tons of care and attention. With all the baby responsibilities that are coming soon, parents need to make it as easy as possible and make all necessary preparations before the big day comes. The nursery needs to be complete and fully stocked with the necessary clothing and supplies.

A common challenge that parents face when arranging the nursery is baby furniture placement. You definitely want to create a relaxing atmosphere for both mom and baby for special bonding and nurturing, but you also want to establish a functional flow with good energy and space. Doing so will help keep mommy and baby healthy and happy. That's the most important part, right?

Put the "Funk " in Function

Lets first determine the key functions of the nursery: (1) Sleep, (2) Changing Diapers and Clothes, and (3) Feeding/Bonding. With respect to things like colic, jaundice, etc., a baby's needs are pretty simple, food, sleep, clean diaper and love. Every baby is different so it just takes time to get to know his/her needs.

Station Formation

Determine the flow of the room and create different stations based on each function. The sleep area will consist of the baby crib and bedding in a quiet area. The changing table/dresser station should have all changing supplies and clothing within arms reach so you can keep an eye on baby at all times. Then mom will most likely migrate to a nursery glider or chair to feed, bond or rock baby to sleep.

Nursery Furniture Placement

* Baby Crib:The first and most important piece to place is the baby crib. It is your nursery focal point and everything else should be designed around it. Lets start with where you should NOT place the crib near: window, heater, electrical outlets, ceiling/wall fixtures, air vents, and away from drafts and street noise. As far as placement, it is important to create a good energy flow so baby is healthy and happy. The ancient art of Feng Shui says never to place the bed directly in line with the door because the path of incoming chi or life energy will block the flow of the room. Still place the baby crib furthest away from the door, in an open space.

* Changing Table/Dress:Place next to the baby crib in a convenient spot, away from other objects, so you can easily transport baby to and from the crib. This will make it much easier, especially during late night changings. You will be doing a lot more laundry as well so placing a hamper near the changing table will be a good spot to put it.

* Nursery Glider or Comfy Chair:This is the area where you will probably be nursing, bonding and rocking baby to sleep the most. Try to place the glider/chair facing a window so mom can have a nice view and receive natural lighting. A good spot to place a glider is in the corner so you can make more space. You should typically have a lamp or floor light for reading or better visibility.

More Helpful Tips

If you are working with a small space, try utilizing the corners of the room. Using diagonal placement makes the room look larger and creates a new angle. Placing large furniture out of plain sight of the doorway also makes the room appear larger when you first walk in. Also, place items like a bookcase, glider, dresser, organizer, long drapes, etc., on the opposite side of the room from the baby crib to give your nursery good balance.