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New Parents' Guide to Creating the Perfect Nursery

By Nicole van der Hulst

We know that once you are in the 'new parent' set that planning the nursery can be really fun but also a somewhat daunting task. So we created this video for new parents to give you an overview of what you really need for your baby's nursery. Best of luck to you as you embark on this journey and hope you find this video a helpful first step in deciding on your perfect nursery.

There is lots of planning that needs to be done as a new parent. But the most fun and important task is to create your baby’s nursery. This video is a complete guide to help you select the essential nursery furniture your baby will need.

Must-Have Nursery Furniture Checklist:

Your nursery needs a baby crib, changing table, places for storage, and a comfortable nursery glider. These essential items will help ensure your baby is comfortable, safe and well taken care of.

Baby Crib

Convertible Crib: A convertible crib is our most popular option because it has the ability to transform from a crib, to toddler bed, a daybed, and a headboard and footboard for a full-sized bed. It a very cost effective option for parents

Combination Crib: A combination crib is a standard sized crib that has an attached changing table. This is a great space-saving solution for an apartment or small nursery and the cribs are often convertible.

Mini/Portable Crib: The mini cribs are great for small nurseries or for grandma’s house. They tend to be less expensive, smaller and some portable cribs can be folded to move from room to room or store when not in use. Many of the mini-cribs will even convert to a twin bed.

Co-sleeper: A co-sleeper attaches to the side of an adult bed and allows your baby to sleep safely next to you, giving you peace of mind and making late night feedings during those early months all the easier.

Bassinets/Moses Baskets: Easy to move, Bassinets, Cradles & Moses Baskets are other great compact solutions to keeping your baby nearby during the early months.

Baby Crib Safety

When purchasing a crib, always make sure it meets all U.S. Safety Standards, including CPSC and JPMA. Never purchase a used crib or a drop-side crib, which can be dangerous to your baby.

Nursery Furniture

Changing Table: The next furniture item you will want is a changing table. Changing tables typically come with open shelves, a large drawer, and plenty of storage space. It is truly handy to have a designated place to change your baby’s diaper.

Dressers & Armoires: Having ample storage is key to a clutter free nursery, so choose a large dresser or armoire to store all baby's essentials. The dresser is one nursery item that tends to be used well beyond the baby years, so it is worth the investment.

Changing Tables/Dresser Combo: Parents love the combo dressers because they are cost effective and save space. When baby is born, you use it as a changing table and when baby outgrows the changing table, you simply remove the top and use the combo as a dresser.

Nursery Glider: The final essential furniture piece you will need is a nursery glider. The glider helps mom relax during nursing and supports her back, while baby will be calmed by the rocking motion. Look for a glider that both glides and locks to give you all the options.

Buying the right nursery furniture is important in preparing your nursery. We hope this video has provided useful information so you can make the best choices. For more stunning baby furniture selections, visit Simply Baby Furniture .com

Nicole van der Hulst

January 25, 2013