Why Parents Love Graco Cribs
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Find out which nursery furniture and baby cribs are most popular with other new parents and moms-to-be.

Find out why Graco Cribs are Enhancing Nurseries Across the Country

By Kim Proulx

When it comes to finding baby's sleeping space, parents want only the best! For decades, Graco has created state of the art cribs parents have turned to time and time again. Graco baby products began with a father's simple idea of rocking a baby to sleep in the 1950's. After many months of hard work, the first baby swing was born. Today Graco offers the entire span of baby products and furniture including the best in quality cribs at amazing prices. Graco cribs give parents all the safety, style, and quality they look for to surround their baby with security and comfort.

Excellence in Safety

The number one feature parents seek when shopping for a crib is safety. All parents want to make sure they are providing their new baby a crib that gives the ultimate protection. Every detail and part manufactured by Graco goes through rigorous testing. Each Graco crib design has been given the seal of approval and has met all safety requirements from the CPSC, ASTM, and JMPA. Graco cribs have also passed the strict California 603 fire standard law, which is the first state to pass such stringent fire safety regulations. All materials are covered in non-toxic finishes to ensure your little one is kept safe if wood gets chipped or it gets chewed when the teething stage hits.

Versatile Designs

With the Graco convertible crib, parents are getting not only a baby bed, but also a sleeping space that can stay with their child for a lifetime. Graco cribs literally grow with your child and can convert to several bed sizes. Once your little one has outgrown his crib, simply convert to a toddler bed. After the toddler bed is becoming too small, you can choose to transform this bed into a daybed or a full-size head and footboard. With such a versatile design, transitioning your child into his new bed will go much smoother. Parents can make the conversion a very exciting activity as their child watches mom and dad convert his crib into a big boy bed. Knowing it's the same bed that he is comfortable with makes the transition less scary! Parents can choose a Graco convertible crib in the 4-in1 or 5-in-1 option, depending on how many features you are looking for.

Many of the cribs feature an adjustable mattress to give you easier access to your newborn. Another fantastic feature on select Graco cribs is the castor wheels that make repositioning the crib a much smoother process.

Variety of Styles

The array of styles and colors you can find with Graco cribs ensures you will find the perfect one for your new baby's nursery. Graco crib designs will last through various children and stay in style throughout the years. Here's a list of styles that are most popular with parents and children alike!

Graco Stanton Convertible Crib Collection

Graco Stanton Convertible Crib Collection - Traditional - Parents that choose a more traditional styled crib are looking for a classic look with up-to-date features. The Graco Stanton Convertible Crib's sleigh design is simply gorgeous, and is the perfect piece for parents wanting established style that can blend into any theme.

Graco convertible crib

Graco Lauren Convertible Crib Collection - Modern - The modern style nursery usually has clean lines and a hint of contemporary flair. This style is always the best bet for a unisex nursery design or for multiple siblings. The Graco Lauren Crib Collection is the ultimate in modern construction, and once your little one is older, turn the crib into a stylish full size bed.

Graco baby crib

Graco Victoria Convertible Crib Collection - Antique - For refined elegance and old world charm, the antique stylings of the Victoria convertible crib are marvelous. This crib by Graco has decadent embellishments and superior curved headboard that is heirloom quality. Antique styled nurseries are usually the type to be cherished and passed down to future generations.

In Conclusion

So the question is, "Why do parent's love Graco cribs?" Well the answer is because of Graco's commitment to building quality cribs with an amazingly large variety of styles and colors that meet every safety standard around at unparalleled prices. Parents get all their needs met with one brand plus receive features that will save them time and money for decades. What's not to love about Graco?