Shabby Chic Nursery Bedding is All the Rage
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Shabby Chic Nursery Bedding is All the Rage

If you've clicked over to Pinterest or scrolled through your Facebook feed lately, you've probably noticed the abundance of shabby chic, distressed, and antique or antique look alike decor. From antique white tables with distressed paint to faux rust and chipped pottery, decor items with a bit more character and history are all the rage. It's no wonder this charming, eclectic blend of designs has made its way into the nursery.

What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic refers to an interior design theme in which old items are used, such as antiques or vintage decor items. Or, it may also refer to the use of newer items that are distressed to look older. The charm of antiques has long been coveted by interior design enthusiasts, but the price of obtaining them kept them out of reach for some. This is one reason shabby chic designs have become so popular with the DIY crowd, or for those who like unique items that no one else has. Anyone can find furnishings at thrift stores, yard sales, and other discount locations and paint, distress, or otherwise age the pieces for an authentic antique appearance.

The Shabby Chic Nursery

One perk of rustic or shabby chic decor is the charm and coziness it brings to a space. It's easy to mix and match colors and styles for an eclectic feel. This warm and inviting feel is one many parents wish to bring into their new baby's nursery.

There are many benefits to choosing a shabby chic nursery theme:

  • Furnishings are often lower in price: Many times the cost of buying all new baby furniture is cost prohibitive. With an antique theme, it's easy to find pieces from thrift stores or even old items from your grandma's attic and give them a makeover. Paint dressers, cribs, picture frames, changing tables, and other items the same color and give them similar distressed features. Sand away paint from corners and other areas where color would naturally chip over time. It's an economical way to create a full nursery ensemble.
  • Shabby Chic crib bedding is easy to find: With the rise of shabby chic decor has come a slew of stylish bedding options for your nursery. Quilts for boys and girls offer a cozy, country feel. Or, more luxurious items with lace and bows add a wonderful contrast to more rustic or vintage inspired surrounding decor.
  • You're not limited to one theme: The beauty of shabby chic decor is that it can embody so many different things. There is no need to stick to any certain theme or even color scheme. With vintage inspired decor, it's perfectly acceptable to pair that French cottage lamp with the burlap window treatments. Mixing old and new items is also common, and makes a beautiful statement. So go ahead and throw your mom's old rocking chair in the corner next to the new convertible crib.

Special Considerations

While shabby chic decor themes have many benefits for budget conscious shoppers and lovers of all things antique, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance, old or used furniture may add charm to the room, but not all antique items are safe for use in a nursery. Cribs are of especially important, as many older models do not conform to modern safety standards. Those made more than thirty years ago may have slats that are too far spaced. More commonly is the sale of older drop side cribs, which are no longer sold for safety concerns. If you find a crib you wish to use and it has a drop side, you'll need to obtain a kit to convert it into a stationary side crib.

Additionally, ensure all furniture is safely mounted to the wall with brackets to prevent tipping, as many older pieces do not have safety features in place like newer furnishings often do.

The Sophie baby bedding from New Arrivals is fun with its subtle patterns and tones and then the polkadot POP in the crib skirt. Gray and pink tones make this a popular bedding collection for shabby chic baby girl nurseries. For the ultimate in bright and wonderful bedding for your shabby chic nursery, the Lemon Drop bedding collection is truly a favorite. With yelow, pink, pewter with pops of polkadot and floral, this popular bedding is amazing on a white or black crib. And if you think shabby chic is only for girls, we can tell you that is not true. Mix and match some different patterns for the sheet, dust ruffle, and bumper if you are using one to create your own perfet take on the theme in your colors. Otherwise, bedding like the Waverly Solar Flair baby bedding is full of fun and funky patterns that will set you on your way.

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