Gender Neutral Room Design for Brother and Sister Roomies
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

Design Ideas for one Room Occupied by both a Boy and Girl

By Kim Proulx

Finding that happy medium when decorating one nursery or room for both a boy and a girl can be challenging. Many places offer bedding with feminine lace and flowers or cowboys and baseball. With the right design choices, you can create a nursery or bedroom that perfectly accommodates both a boy and a girl. You can keep both happy in one room with the right neutral theme and splashes of fun boy and girl decor!

Neutral Theme

Picking a neutral theme is key to designing a room that can hold both interests. If there's an older sibling and a baby, choose a theme that can grow and easily take on both children's ever-changing interests. If you have fraternal twins, a neutral theme can aid them with a platform to support their own individuality. Choosing a theme based on a simple pattern or color allows your girl to have accents of dolls and your boy to have accents of dinosaurs. A fun way to do this is to find bedding that is available in two separate colors or styles, like modern prints or vintage design. This ties the room together but still leaves room for fun girl and boy accents.

New Arrivals Bedding

New Arrivals bedding gives parents options galore with modern geometric prints and many bedding collections that work for both boys & girls. And with all the matching accessories, whatever decor you choose for the nursery will still be beautiful after the crib is gone.

gender neutral bedding collection

Merry Go Round Bedding Collection
Modern dots and fun design meets a style that will turn heads. The neutral color scheme makes the perfect sleeping set for a boy or a girl.

crib bedding set

New Arrivals Mocha Crib Bedding Collection
These warm soft colors and simple pattern make it easy to add whatever gender accents you'd like to personalize your children's room.

Unisex Furniture

For siblings sharing a room, you want furniture that is going to grow with both your boy and girl. Finding pieces that optimize storage and organization is also a good choice. Beds and cribs today are designed to last a lifetime. You can choose a convertible crib that transforms into a full size bed, or buy a bunk bed for the older sibling and transition the younger sibling into one of the bunks when the time is right. All the pieces mentioned below have additional trundles and storage drawers so your options are endless! Darker colors can really make bedding and other accent colors pop to create a very bold look in the bedroom design.

nursery furniture set

DaVinci Emily 3 Piece Nursery Set in Espresso - This 3 piece set by DaVinci has the storage and features both children can utilize at any age. Convert the crib to a toddler bed and later into a daybed, with DaVinci's amazing quality and price, the choice is yours!

bunk bed with storage

Atlantic Furniture Columbia Twin Over Full Bunk Bed in Caramel Latte - A bunk bed children and parents alike will love! Two fantastic bunks: the top is always fun, yet the bottom features more sleeping space. Storage below is ideal for multiple children sharing a room.


Storkcraft Aspen Armoire in Natural - For the ultimate in organizational options, tie your children's bedroom together with the king of all space and storage: a grand armoire. This item can be split down the middle, one side boys, one side girls, and then each one gets a drawer.

Matching Accents & Decor

You can really set a nursery off with fun and unique matching accents for a gender neutral space! Lighting, pictures, pillows, and kid size furniture can make a nursery or room go from bland to the focal point of your home.

Light Source Lamps

The following Light Source lamps add groovy modern beauty to the room. These lamps are perfect for a baby's nursery or a teen's bedroom, so they work perfectly for siblings of different ages. And with all the fun colors to choose from, your boy and girl can each have one of their own!

Mini Table Lamp

Mini Table Lamp

Beaker Accent Table Lamp

Beaker Accent Table Lamp

Blue Viko Table Lamp

Viko Table Lamp

Siblings will continuously argue over who has what and it's magnified when they share a room. Getting similar items in different colors will help make the room a more peaceful space. This is still a possibility for a boy and girl because manufacturers recognize parent's needs for unisex toys and accents for rooms. The options for simple and clean designs are many and are a great choice because modern pieces help make the space appear less cluttered.

Accentuate Individuality

Once you've chosen the theme, furniture, and accents, picking out items to give each child their own individuality is important. Just because they share a room, doesn't mean they lose their own interests. Making or finding pictures that have their names with whatever their hobbies included is a good option. If they are newborns, of course personalities are to be determined. However, you can still make their space more feminine or masculine and set it apart from their brother or sisters. Their room can reflect all the things they are: sweet, funny, athletic, and a princess and still coordinate... truly!