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Treviso Collection


The Treviso Collection has just arrived and it is an exquisite design that will sky rocket to the top of the popularity list. The lines are smoother than ever with complements of the boldest of moldings. Treviso furnishings have the unique quality of creating a nursery of enchantment and a bedroom of first class sophistication. The Treviso collection includes: Treviso Forever Crib, Treviso Double Dresser, Treviso 5 Drawer Dresser and Treviso Nightstand. Available finishes: White, White with Grey.

With its winding streets and scenic canals, Treviso is a lovely little gem of a town that sits just outside of Venice. A stroll through the city’s ancient walls and outdoor cafes reveals a charm all its own. This delightful town is the inspiration for our Treviso Collection that is defined by the marriage of sweet styling and modern charm. As the home to both fashion houses and beautiful historical piazzas, Treviso is the perfect name for a line that seeks to bring what is best about the old and the new together into one charming whole.

Pali is dedicated to crafting furniture that is defined by outstanding quality that will last through the years. Crafted from sustainable wood and finished with non-toxic stains and paints, Pali continues to exceed the required federal standards for safety.

Treviso Collection