Stroller Saftey Tips
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Learn How to Keep your Baby Extra Safe in the Stroller

By Kim Proulx

One of the biggest priorities for a parent is keeping their baby safe. With strollers, you should consider many additional safety aspects. While shopping for a stroller, or if you have already bought one, read the weight constrictions and instructions thoroughly before buying or using. Here are the features to look for in a stroller and ways you can keep your little one safe when out and about.

Safety Features

Brakes - It's important that the braking mechanism is top notch. Most strollers have the one-foot breaking system that makes it easier to apply the brakes when stopping. Always lock the brakes even when stopping for a moment. It is easy to get distracted and turn your head for just a minute and the stroller can get away from you.

Seatbelts - Harnesses in strollers are not just for infants. These seatbelts save kids from many types of injuries and incidents with strollers. There are two seatbelt types for strollers: a three-point harness and a five-point harness. The five-point harness is the safest as it also has two extra straps that wrap around your child's shoulders as well. Seatbelts and harnesses should always be fastened, even when your baby is asleep.

Stability - Verify that the stroller model you are looking at or have is stable and doesn't tip over easily. Hang a normal sized purse on the handle in the back and if it begins to tip over without your baby inside, you might consider getting another model. When you get your baby out of the stroller and you haven't removed your purse it could tip over and harm someone. Everything else should be kept in the under-the-seat compartment or carried.

For unparalleled safety and quality, the Stokke Xplory is hard to beat. Amazing stability and wide-based frame ensures fabulous balance. Almost every feature is adjustable to grow with your child and keep them safe.

Safety Tips

Parking Lots - The number one tip for safety is to never leave your child parked behind a car. It seems like an obvious rule, but it is the number one danger for a baby in a stroller. Always keep your baby right next to you in-between cars, remove her, and buckle her in her car seat before loading packages or bags.

Don't talk on the phone while walking your little one through a parking lot and keep on the lookout for cars backing out or cutting in-between rows. With all the parked cars, a driver might not see you pushing a stroller until you are right in front of him.

Overload the Back - Regardless of the fact that your child is seated properly in the seat, overloading the handles on the back can tip over a stroller. It's easy to create an imbalance with the frame since it carries such lightweight cargo. Shopping, diaper, and grocery bags are much heavier than we think and resting them on the handles can propel the stroller backwards. If you have several children, look for strollers with fantastic storage compartments. Strollers by Foundations are equipped with the best in storage and have large bins below for shopping sacks and diaper bags.

Stroller Collapse - When setting up your stroller to place your child in it, make sure all joint mechanisms are locked into place and tabs are clicked closed. Placing your little one into a stroller that is only partially locked into place can catch a limb, pinch skin, or collapse around your precious child. Once you have unfolded the stroller and are ready to place your child in the seat, check to make sure the wheel brakes are properly locked in as well.

As with any baby item you purchase, be sure to send in the warranty and registration card that comes with your stroller model. This puts your information into the Recall Database that automatically informs you if there has been a warning or recall on a stroller part or model. Always verify your stroller is certified and meets all national safety standards. This guarantees all precautions were taken while your stroller was being manufactured and assembled using the best quality of materials available.