Our Top 5 Westwood Design Baby Cribs
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Find out which nursery furniture and baby cribs are most popular with other new parents and moms-to-be.

Our Top 5 Westwood Design Cribs

By Nicole van der Hulst

Westwood Design is one of only a few baby furniture companies earning an A rating from Baby Bargains, which is a testament to their quality baby furniture. Most of Westwood's cribs are made from solid hardwood and offer fancier designs than other baby furniture offerings in this price range. Westwood makes all their furniture in Vietnam and is proud of their factory and people there. Customer service at Westwood is excellent.

Top 5 Cribs from Westwood Design

Westwood Design has been bringing great nursery furniture to customers since 2005. Baby Bargains gives Westwood an A rating because of their value and solid craftsmanship. We can attest to their high customer satisfaction, quality furniture, and excellent customer service. Cribs cost between $300 and $600 and here are our 5 most popular Westwood Design cribs:

Waverly Crib in Chocolate Mist by Westwood

#1 Waverly Convertible Crib

The Waverly Crib is one of our favorite Westwood Design cribs because of its solid design and craftsman style lines. The arched headboard softens the look but the wide slats and feet give the Waverly a unique look that we love. The Waverly comes in Tuscan and Chocolate Mist and matches to three different dresser styles.

Jonesport Crib Set in Virginia Cherry

#2 Jonesport Convertible Crib

The Jonesport crib comes in Virginia Cherry and is a unique blend of traditional and almost Amish design with a solid headboard, slightly bent side rails, and tapered feet to give it a solid look and feel. There aren't other cribs that look like this and it pairs with a combo dresser and 5 drawer for a truly unique nursery set.

Westwood Donnington Crib Set in Virginia Cherry

#3 Donnington Convertible Crib

The Donnington is THE crib for the discerning parent who really wants their baby's crib to be the central focus in the nursery. The Donnington is bold and stylish with a unique headboard with panels and a high arch giving this crib more style than most traditional cribs. the Donnington converts to a toddler bed and a full size bed and the dressers that go with it are traditional and will last for years.

Westwood brookline Crib Set in Chocolate Mist

#4 Brookline Convertible Crib

The Brookline convertible crib is a smooth mover among the Westwood Design line. The Brookline's smooth contoured back is unique in the industry and the extra-wide slats all around give it a cool, unique look that plays well in any nursery. Also as a crib that converts into a toddler bed and full bed, we think the full bed is one of the best looking around. The Brookline comes in Chocolate Mist, which is similar to espresso.

Westwood Stratton Crib Set in Virginia Cherry

#5 Stratton Convertible Crib

The Stratton crib and collection is the most stately of the Westwood Design line. The Stratton crib has a solid design with a smooth rounded headboard with a mantel like top piece. This crib adds a true air of elegance to the nursery and comes in Chocolate Mist and Virgina Cherry and converts to extend its useful throughout your child's life. The dressers hint at a steamer trunk design and are unique in their design and function.

These are our top picks from Westwood Design's great line of baby furniture. As a brand we think that Westwood makes solid furniture, had nice, unique designs, and has great customer service... which is always good.