Top 7 Must-Have Nursery Storage Items
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Nursery Storage Items that are a Must for Every Nursery

By Kim Proulx

What's the best way to organize the baby nursery to make the storage of all the needed items manageable? Certainly, we want everything close-at-hand for the inevitable messes and emergencies. But we don't want it to look like a hurricane just came through, either. And while we want things handy, we don't want anyone, especially with Baby, tripping over them!

Let's look at some of the most popular storage options used today. Some of these are certain to be just what the baby nursery in your home needs.


Every baby nursery needs a hamper. There will be damp bedding, soiled clothing, wipe-up cloths and who knows what else looking for a place to stay until its laundry time. Keeping these in an attractive container does a lot to reduce clutter in the baby nursery.


Baskets are a very popular item for storage and organization in a well-run nursery. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They can be tucked into a closet or used as part of the decorating scheme. There are special furniture pieces made especially for baskets, a very attractive look for handling lots of little baby items. You might want to check out Badger Baskets, P'kolino and Bratt for some inspiration.

Changing Table

Dresser/changer combinations are popping up in beautiful nurseries everywhere. With a removable changing station atop a dresser, this unit is useful from infancy through the teen years. The changing stations come with comfortable pads and sturdy safety straps, so Baby is protected and pampered. Keep diapers, wipes, lotions and towels in one drawer, clean clothes in another. Everything is close at hand in a dresser to be enjoyed for years.


Another popular baby nursery storage option is a dual-function unit. Whether it's a bookcase with a drawer at the bottom or a dresser with a hutch on top, having a combination of organizational spaces is optimal. Certainly you won't want to display Baby's collection of socks, but what about framed pictures with Nana or Big Brother? You'll want room for the items which personalize the nursery. The Young America Collections are a good place to start for examples of these types of options.


Of course, no nursery would be complete without a storage area to organize books! There's no time like infancy to instill a love of books and reading in your baby; a gift which continues on through life. Big books, little books, plastic-coated books, fabric books, books with words that rhyme and colors to catch your little one's eye, books to squeeze and books that squeak, books to throw, well, it's starting to sound like a bookcase might be a good idea, doesn't it? It doubles as a handy shelf for need-to-have-in-a-second items like tissues and wipes as well as the perfect seat for a favorite stuffed animal to watch over Baby's naps.

Wall Shelf

If store space is at a premium, look into a wall shelf. Whether you want a single shelf or a unit with multiple shelves, it's the perfect way to keep fragile, breakable or potentially dangerous items within your reach, but well out of the range of little ones. Today these units come in so many decorative styles and colors. They add unique texture and stylish accent to the nursery.

Toy Boxes / Benches with Storage

And let's face it. No matter how hard we try to keep on top of the pick-up, it sometimes gets the better of us. So for that day when Aunt Mary and Uncle Juan arrive to see the new baby and you're not quite ready, you'll be grateful to have a dual-purpose toybox that is both a bench and out-of-sight storage. As the doorbell rings, you scoop up all the things that didn't quite get put away and dump them in. Then after you open the door, you lead the way to the now-clean nursery, offering them a seat on the bench to see their new great-niece or nephew. Life just got a little easier, didn't it?

We lucky moms of today have great storage solutions available to organize the baby nursery. Take a little time to think about which of these will be most useful for you and your family. With a little careful planning life can be neat and tidy even with a newborn.

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