Unisex Crib Bedding Ideas: Starting Before You Know
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Design inspiration and ideas for your baby's nursery from our nursery design experts.

Unisex Crib Bedding Ideas: Starting Before You Know

Few times in life are as exciting as the anticipation leading up to your new baby’s arrival. You can’t wait to count those fingers and toes, and you’re probably feeling anxious to get started on preparations. While since the advent of ultrasounds parents have found it tempting to wait on picking out crib bedding and nursery decor, today’s interior design options provide excited parents-to-be with plenty of stylish, trendy, and downright adorable options that work equally well for boys and girls.

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When to Go Unisex

Pregnancy is long. Sure, you’ll look back on these days years from now and wonder where the time went, but right now, it seems like forever until you’ll get to meet your little bundle. For many, the act of preparing for a new baby builds the excitement and also helps the time go by just a little bit faster. Many couples choose to design a unisex nursery for this reason, but many others are now deciding to go “team green,” and saving the big gender reveal for the day they welcome their little ones home. Still others may be a little nervous about ultrasound accuracy (stranger things have happened).

Whatever reason you may have for getting an early start on the nursery, there’s a vast selection of interior design themes, and even color palettes from which to choose.

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Unisex Crib Bedding Sets are More than Just Yellow

The days when gender neutral decor options had to be yellow, white, and boring are over. Today’s unisex baby bedding comes in a whole array of beautiful colors. Go with soft ivory or gray, or add a little color with reds, blues, and greens. There are also numerous themes that work equally well for boys and girls, such as wildlife themes, nursery rhymes, or popular modern and contemporary prints.

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Tying Your Unisex Crib Baby Bedding in with Other Decor

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a color or theme is the future decor of the room. Once you do know your baby’s gender, you may choose to buy a second bedding set to coordinate with your overall theme. This will give you an extra option to keep on hand when wash day arrives, while also allowing you to switch things up whenever you choose.

If you do wish to buy a second bedding set after you determine whether your little one is a boy or girl, it might be best to go with a neutral color scheme with simple wall hangings and decor. This will afford you fewer limitations when it comes time to pick out your second set of crib bedding.

Another method is to add gender specific touches after you find out, while sticking with a more unisex bedding. For instance, choosing pink or floral wall hangings adds a feminine touch to the room. Or displaying an antique inspired plane hanging from the ceiling adds a fun twist for a boy’s nursery. Additional blankets, cushions, or lighting may also be added in the appropriate colors or themes to enhance the look further once you determine your baby’s gender.

With endless possibilities and stylish themes ready to go right now, there is no better time to get started on your baby’s first bedroom.